Our Volunteers

Volunteers are an important component in the operation of the Home. Currently, the following categories of volunteers are involved in the Home:

  • individual volunteers,
  • volunteers from learning institutions and religious organisations, and
  • corporate volunteers from private and public sector organisations.
"Look what I got !" Completed painting project by Nanyang Girls' High (2004) Activity organised by Reed Elsevier Singapore (2004)

Our volunteers are involved in the following broad areas of work:

  • Tuition and learning support,
  • Projects (e.g. conducting enrichment, reading, music, computer and cooking classes for the children; maintaining the furniture and equipment in the Home; or organising special meals or parties for the children),
Music session by volunteer Project in progress - Nanyang Girls' High School (2004) Hip Hop dance session by volunteer




  • Excursions and outings,
  • Sports and structured games,
  • General play and participative interaction with the children,
  • Maintenance of the premises,
  • Undertaking fund raising projects and channeling the proceeds to the Home.

We welcome any enquires on how you can work with our children or with the Society, and how we can meet your needs as a volunteer.


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