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      The children attend secondary school, primary school, or kindergarten in the local community. When they are in the Home, our staff support them in their schoolwork, and supervise them in various recreational activities and enrichment activities in the Home.
      Our staff provide safety and security, care, support, structure and love to the children, and ensure that their needs are met and their interests protected.

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        The children return home to be with their parents and family during the weekends, and public and school holidays. Those who are unable to because their family situation is unsuitable will remain in the Home during these periods.

        Each child is assigned a caseworker in the Home. The caseworker works with the child and the parents on the child's emotional, psychological and developmental needs. The caseworker, together with the other staff in the Home, also formulates an Individual Care Plan for the child. The Individual Care Plan specifies the actions that need to be undertaken to address the various needs and risks of the child and the family, and the timelines for doing so.

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        The progress of each child is reviewed at least once every 3 months. The review is undertaken by the staff of the Home, together with members of the Home Management Committee.
        The goal of our programme is to work with the child and the parents, and with community resources, in order that the child could be discharged from our Home as soon as possible to return to the parents or family.

        Prior to discharge from the Home, our staff will supervise the child in the community if there is a need. We will not discharge the child to the family until an assessment has been made that the family environment is safe and secure for the child.

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       In the event the child is unsuitable to remain in Melrose Home, but still requires stay in a residential setting, we will make the appropriate referral to another Children's Home that would be more suitable for the child.


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