Residential Care
The main function of the Melrose Home is the residential care programme.  The dedicated staff at the Home provides safety and security, nurturing care and support to the children in a homely setting and ensure that their needs are met and their interests protected. 
Academic Guidance & Support
The children attend secondary or primary schools, or kindergartens in the neighbourhood. The Home collaborates closely with the schools to monitor the children's academic development. The staff, together with volunteers and paid tutors provide academic guidance and tutorial support for the children's educational progress.  

Personal & Social Development

There is a wide range of enrichment programmes to support the intellectual, emotional and social development of the children.  Special attention is also given to programmes that incorporate character building and development of positive attributes such as confidence, integrity, kindness and teamwork, equipping the children to face the challenges in an ever changing and competitive environment.


Case Work & Counselling

The Social Workers at Melrose Home manage an Individual Care Plan (ICP) for each child.  The ICP specifies the actions to be taken in addressing family-related issues as well as the various developmental needs of the child. The progress of each child is monitored closely and the ICP is reviewed at least once every 3 months at the Assessment & Review Committee meetings of the Home.


Family & Community Partnership

The Home works with the parents, family members, teachers and community agencies on issues concerning the well-being of the child. The objective is for the child to eventually return to their family when their home circumstances have improved.   


Aftercare & Mentoring

An aftercare programme is put in place when a child leaves the Home to return to the family. The Social Worker will maintain contact with the child, make home visits and and collaborate closely with the teachers or school counsellors to monitor the child’s development.